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Seminar as part of Kernmodul Physiology II

SoSe 2019


Datum Referent/in Themen Moderator/in
2-6 pm
Dorothee Günzel
Andreas Zakrzewicz
Introduction, topic assignment, fixing dates etc. 
6.6.2019 Pietro Gerletti Speech synthesis from neural decoding of spoken sentences Gergana Stanilova  
6.6.2019 Boran Adas Wireless Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: A Pilot Experiment on Art and Brain–Computer Interfaces Anandh Ravishankar  
6.6.2019 Franziska Rau BrainNet: A Multi-person Brain- to-Brain Interface for Direct Collaboration Between Brains Abishek Laxmanan
Ravi Shankar
13.6.2019 Marvis Sydow Exploration of computational methods for classification of movement intention during human voluntary movement from single trial EEG Lakshmi Seshadri  
13.6.2019 Janina Schönberger Electronic retinal implants and artificial vision: journey and present Jacqueline Krohn  
13.6.2019 Pauline Hiort Assessment of the Electronic Retinal Implant Alpha AMS in Restoring Vision to Blind Patients with End-Stage Retinitis Pigmentosa Paul Vogler  
27.6.2019 Pedro Leal
del Ojo Rossello
Ten-Year Follow-up of a Blind Patient Chronically Implanted with Epiretinal Prosthesis Argus I Pietro Gerletti  
27.6.2019 Eva Romanovsky Performance of real-world functional vision tasks byblind subjects improves after implantation with theArgus® II retinal prosthesis system Boran Adas  
27.6.2019 Gergana Stanilova Development of microfluidic impedance cytometry enabling the quantification of specific membrane capacitance and cytoplasm conductivity from 100,000 single cells Franziska Rau  
27.6.2019 Anandh Ravishankar Label-free leukocyte sorting and impedance-based profiling for diabetes testing Marvis Sydow
27.6.2019 Abishek Laxmanan
Ravi Shankar
Quantification of Cell Death Using an Impedance-Based Microfluidic Device Janina Schönberger  
4.7.2019 Lakshmi Seshadri A multidimensional impedance platform for the real-time analysis of single and combination drug pharmacology in patient-derived viable melanoma models Pauline Hiort  
4.7.2019 Helga Sebastian Optimization of pillar electrodes in subretinal prosthesis for enhanced proximity to target neurons Pedro Leal
del Ojo Rossello
4.7.2019 Jacqueline Krohn Web-Enabled Distributed Health-Care Framework for Automated Malaria Parasite Classification: an E-Health Approach Eva Romanovsky  
4.7.2019 Paul Vogler A Fully Automated Cell Segmentation and Morphometric Parameter System for Quantifying Corneal Endothelial Cell Morphology Helga Sebastian  
Selection of topics (further topics to be announced):
EEG and Brain-Computer-Interface Topic Number
for Doodle
new topic   Visual P300 Mind-Speller Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Walk Through the Recent Developments With Special Focus on Classification Algorithms 3  
    High-speed spelling with a noninvasive brain–computer interface    
    Measuring neurophysiological signals in aircraft pilots and car drivers for the assessment of mental workload, fatigue and drowsiness    
    Restoring cortical control of functional movement in a human with quadriplegia (additional information and figures:    
    Investigating the effects of visual distractors on the performance of a motor imagery brain-computer interface.    
    Retina and cochlea implants    
    Effects of Electrode Array Length on Frequency-Place Mismatch and Speech Perception with Cochlear Implants (additional information + figures in Combined electro-acoustic stimulation: a beneficial union?)    
    Visualization, measurement and modelling of the cochlea using rotating midmodiolar slice planes.    
    A multiscale imaging and modelling dataset of the human inner ear.    
    Subretinal electronic chips allow blind patients to read letters and combine them to words    
    The functional performance of the Argus II retinal prosthesis    
    Artificial vision with wirelessly powered subretinal electronic implant alpha-IMS    
    Modeling the Improved Visual Acuity Using Photodiode Based Retinal Implants Featuring Fractal Electrodes.    
    Impedance spectroscopy in cell physiology    
    Systems biology: Analysis of impedance-based cellular growth assays    
    Time-lapse electrical impedance spectroscopy for monitoring the cell cycle of single immobilized S. pombe cells    
    Automated evaluation of microscopic images    
new topic   AccPbFRET: An ImageJ plugin for semi-automatic, fully corrected analysis of acceptor photobleaching FRET images 12  
new topic   Breast Cancer Detection and Classification in digital mammography based on Non-Subsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and Super Resolution 13  
new topic   Automated assessment of breast cancer margin in optical coherence tomography images via pretrained convolutional neural network 14  
new topic   Real-Time Analysis and Visualization for Single-Molecule Based Super-Resolution Microscopy 17  
    An automated quantitative image analysis tool for the identification of microtubule patterns in plants.    
    Integrating images from multiple microscopy screens reveals diverse patterns of change in the subcellular localization of proteins.    
    EpiTools: An Open-Source Image Analysis Toolkit for Quantifying Epithelial Growth Dynamics    
    CellECT: cell evolution capturing tool    
    Analysis of in vivo single cell behavior by high throughput, human-in-the-loop segmentation of three-dimensional images    
    Real-time 3D interactive segmentation of echocardiographic data through user-based deformation of B-spline explicit active surfaces    
    FogBank: a single cell segmentation across multiple cell lines and image modalities    
    Analysis of live cell images: Methods, tools and opportunities    
    Building cell models and simulations from microscope images    
    Automated Learning of Subcellular Variation among Punctate Protein Patterns and a Generative Model of Their Relation to Microtubules    
    Electrocardiogram (ECG)    
    Normalizing Electrocardiograms of Both Healthy Persons and Cardiovascular Disease Patients for Biometric Authentication    
    A reference dataset for verifying numerical electrophysiological heart models    
    Check Your Biosignals Here: A new dataset for off-the-person ECG biometrics    


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