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  • The EITG, founded 1977, is an international association of
    scientists devoted to experimental research on gastrointestinal
    transport and related function.
  • Its main activity is to promote scientific meetings held every
    1˝ year in different European countries.
  • Meeting abstracts are published in established journals.

We have to mourn the sudden death of
Prof. Ana Isabel Alcalde
Ana Isabel died on September 1, 2015, after a short but hard illness. Her death is a profound loss to all who knew her, and particularly to all EITG members. We have lost a wonderful person, an outstanding colleague and a friend forever.

The next meeting:

The 27th meeting
which was to be organized by Ana Isabel Alcalde

Ensuing meeting:

No specific planning


Past meetings:

26th meeting, 02.-05.10.2014
Marstrand, Sweden
Organizer: Henrik Sjövall, Univ. Göteborg, Sweden


Abstracts will be published in Acta Physiologica

25th meeting: 11. - 14.04.2013
Bad Herrenalb, Germany
Organizers: Martin Diener & Gert Fricker

Martin.Diener@vetmed.uni-giessen.de     Homepage
gert.fricker@uni-hd.de     Homepage

Abstracts of the 25th congress:
J. Physiol. Biochem. (2013) 69: 653–675



24th meeting:  4.-7. September 2011
Oxford, U.K.
St. Anne's College
Organizer: David Meredith, MA DPhil
School of Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University
Oxford OX3 OBP, United Kingdom

Award winners of EITG 2011

  • Best poster: Christine Schulze, Techn. Univ. Munich, Germany
    "Inhibition of SGLT1 by plant extracts and metabolites derived from apple and grape vine"

  • Best short talk: Gabriela Aust, Univ. Leipzig, Germany
    "CD97 overexpression in enterocytes induces a mega-intestine"

  • Best student contribution: Milena Monterio-Sepulveda, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France
    "Pathological accumulation of GLUT2 in enterocytes of morbidly obese subjects consuming unbalanced high fat diets"



23rd meeting:  7.-10. April 2010    
Salerno, Italy
Organizer: Giuditta Perozzi

  Awards for talks or posters of young investigators
Arturo Leone prizes and Springer prizes:
  • Alejandra Pérez & Jonai Pujol, Univ. Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
  • Federica Raffa, Universitŕ di Messina, Italy
  • Matúš Soták, Acad. Sci. Czech Rep., Prague, Czech Republic
  • Evangelia Vlachodimitropoulou, King’s College London, UK
  • Susanne M. Krug, Charité Berlin, Germany
  • Constance Petit, Centre Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France

  Special mention by the secretary general:

  • Alberto Finamore, INRAN, Roma, Italy

INRAN, Nat'l Institute on Food & Nutrition, Roma, Italy
      phone +3906 51494552,  FAX +3906 51494550