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Leiter:  Prof. Dr. Jörg-Dieter Schulzke

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13.12.20 Book chapter  Schulzke JD, Fromm M (2020) Chapter 3: Role of the epithelium in diseases of the intestine, in: Ion transport across epithelial tissues and disease, Vol. 2: Ion channels and transporters of epithelia in health and disease. p 77-109. In: Hamilton KL, Devor DC (eds.), 2. edn., Springer / Am. Physiol. Soc. [DOI] [PDF whole book] [Amazon] [Springer]

25.11.20 Published  Heimesaat MM, Mousavi S, Escher U, Lobo de Sá FD, Peh E, Schulzke JD, Kittler S, Bücker R, Bereswill S (2020) Resveratrol alleviates acute Campylobacter jejuni-induced enterocolitis in a preclinical murine intervention study. Microorganisms 8: 1858 (15 pages) (°IF 4.2) [PubMed] [DOI] [PDF] [Supplement]

20.10.20 Published  Hu JCE, Bojarski C, Branchi F, Fromm M, Krug SM (2020) Leptin downregulates angulin-1 in active Crohn's disease via STAT3. Int. J. Mol. Sci. (Special Issue “Pathophysiology in Colonic Diseases”) 21(21): 7824 (17 pages) (°IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplement]

01.09.20 Published  Meoli L, Günzel D (2020) Channel functions of claudins in the organization of biological systems. BBA - Biomembranes 1862(9): 183344 (18 pages) (°IF 3.4) [Part of Special Volume "The vertebrate epithelial apical junctional complex", Hervé JC ed.] [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplementary Fig. S1]

01.07.20 Published  Piontek J, Krug SM, Protze J, Krause G, Fromm M (2020) Molecular architecture and assembly of the tight junction backbone. BBA - Biomembranes1862(7): 183279 (15 pages) (°IF 3.4) [Part of Special Volume "The vertebrate epithelial apical junctional complex", Hervé JC ed.] [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplement] [Free access until May 26] (Review)

29.06.20 Published  Krug SM, Fromm M (2020) Special issue on "The tight junction and its proteins – more than just a barrier". Int. J. Mol. Sci. 21(13): 4612 (10 pages) (°IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] (Editorial)

01.04.20 Published  Bücker R, Zakrzewski SS, Wiegand S, Pieper R, Fromm A, Fromm M, Günzel D, Schulzke JD (2020) Zinc prevents intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction induced by alpha-hemolysin-producing Escherichia coli 536 infection in porcine colon. Vet. Microbiol. 243: 108632 (6 pages) (°IF 3.0) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplement] [Open link until May 08, 2020]

05.03.20 Published  Kjærgaard S, Damm MMB, Chang J, Riis LB, Rasmussen HB, Hytting-Andreasen R, Krug SM, Schulzke JD, Bindslev N, Berner-Hansen M (2020) Altered structural expression and enzymatic activity parameters in quiescent ulcerative colitis: Are these potential normalization criteria? Int. J. Mol. Sci. (Special Issue "Update on Basic and Molecular Research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease") 21(5): e1887 (18 pages) (°IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

28.02.20 Published  Hempel C, Protze J, Altun E, Riebe B, Piontek A, Fromm A, Lee IM, Saleh T, Günzel D, Krause G, Piontek J (2020) Assembly of tight junction strands: Claudin-10b and claudin-3 form homo-tetrameric building blocks that polymerize in a channel-independent manner. J. Mol. Biol. 432(7): 2405-2427 (°IF 4.8) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplementary Figures S1-S11] [Supplementary Table S1]

21.02.20 Published  Louer EMM, Günzel D, Rosenthal R, Yi G, Stunnenberg H, den Hollander AI, Deen PMT (2020) Differential day-night expression of tight junction components in murine retinal pigment epithelium. Exp. Eye Res. 193: 107985 (9 pages) (°IF 3.0) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

06.03.20 Published  Butkevych E, Lobo De Sá FD, Nattramilarasu PK, Bücker R (2020) Epithelial apoptosis and subepithelial immune responses in Campylobacter jejuni-induced barrier disruption Front. Microbiol.11: 344 (14 pages) (°IF 4.2) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

07.01.20 Published  Nattramilarasu PK, Bücker R, Lobo de Sá FD, Fromm A, Nagel O, Lee IM, Butkevych E, Mousavi S, Genger C, Kløve S, Heimesaat MM, Bereswill S, Schweiger MR, Nielsen HL, Troeger H, Schulzke JD (2020) Campylobacter concisus impairs sodium absorption in colonic epithelium via ENaC dysfunction and claudin-8 disruption. Int. J. Mol. Sci. (Special Issue "Ion and molecule transport in membrane systems 2.0") 21(2): e373 (23 pages) (°IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplements]

01.01.20 Published  Rosenthal R, Günzel D, Piontek J, Krug SM, Ayala-Torres C, Hempel C, Theune D, Fromm M (2020*) Claudin-15 forms a water channel through the tight junction with distinct function compared to claudin-2. Acta Physiol. 228(1): e13334 (15 pages) (°IF 5.5) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] (*first published 12.06.19)

         - Editorial Commentary on this article: Alexander RT (2020) Claudin-15 is not a drag! Acta Physiol. 228(1): e13397 [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

11.12.19 Published  Piontek A, Eichner M, Zwanziger D, Beier LS, Protze J, Walter W, Theurer S, Schmid KW, Führer-Sakel D, Piontek J*, Krause G* (*shared last authorship) (2019) Targeting claudin-overexpressing thyroid and lung cancer by modified Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin. Mol. Oncol. 14(2) :261-276 (IF 6.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

14.11.19 Published  Ayala-Torres C, Krug SM, Schulzke JD, Rosenthal R*, Fromm M* (*shared last authorship) (2019) Tricellulin effect on paracellular water transport. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20(22): 5700 (15 pages) (IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

08.11.19 Published  Hering NA, Fromm A, Bücker R, Gorkiewicz G, Zechner EL, Högenauer C, Fromm M, Schulzke JD, Troeger H (2019) Tilivalline- and tilimycin-independent effects of Klebsiella oxytoca on tight junction-mediated intestinal barrier impairment. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20(22): 5595 (16 pages) (IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

01.10.19 Published  Ebel H, Fromm A, Günzel D, Fromm M, Schulzke JD (2019) Phospholipid effects on SGLT1-mediated glucose transport in rabbit ileum brush border membrane vesicles. Biochim. Biophys. Acta - Biomembranes 1861(10): 182985 (8 pages) (IF 3.5) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

01.10.19 Published  Uwada J, Yazawa T, Mikami D, Krug SM, Fromm M, Sada K, Muramatsu I, Taniguchi T (2019) Store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) contributes to phosphorylation of p38 MAPK and suppression of TNF-α signalling in the intestinal epithelial cells. Cell. Signalling 63: 109358 (10 pages) (IF 4.0) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplement]


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