Medizinische Klinik für Gastroenterologie, Infektiologie und Rheumatologie (einschl. Arbeitsbereich Ernährungsmedizin) CBF
Institute of Clinical Physiology / Div. of Nutritional Medicine

Head:  Prof. Dr. Jörg D. Schulzke

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   "Physiology" we define by a central question: "How does it work?"

For answering this question we apply several methods including molecular biology, electrophysiology, microbiology, biophysics, laser-scanning microscopy, and freeze-fracture electron microscopy

   We investigate all levels of the organism: molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and the whole body

Our approach is translational as it combines basic research with topics related to diseases of the intestines, kidneys, nerves, and skin


Main research topics are the tight junction and membrane channel molecules of the "intelligent borders of the body", the epithelia


We perform numerous collaborative projects with colleagues from clinical departments


The Institute of Clinical Physiology / Division of Nutritional Medicine is a unit within the Dept. of Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, and Infectious Diseases


News update


For the DFG Research Trainig Group "TJ-Train" we offer 12 PhD student positions starting October 2020:
  - General offer (PDF)
  - Specific description of the doctoral projects (PDF)
  - Application form (DOCX)


29.06.20 Published  Krug SM, Fromm M (2020) Special issue on "The tight junction and its proteins – more than just a barrier". Int. J. Mol. Sci. 21(13): 4612 (10 pages) (°IF 4.6) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] (Editorial)

05.05.20 Paper accepted  Meoli L, Günzel D (2020) Channel functions of claudins in the organization of biological systems. BBA - Biomembranes 1862(9): 183344 (18 pages) (°IF 3.5) [Part of Special Volume "The vertebrate epithelial apical junctional complex", Hervé JC ed.] [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplementary Fig. S1] [Free access until July 25, 2020]

01.04.20 Published  Piontek J, Krug SM, Protze J, Krause G, Fromm M (2020) Molecular architecture and assembly of the tight junction backbone. BBA - Biomembranes1862(7): 183279 (15 pages) (°IF 3.5) [Part of Special Volume "The vertebrate epithelial apical junctional complex", Hervé JC ed.] [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplement] [Free access until May 26] (Review)

01.04.20 Published  Bücker R, Zakrzewski SS, Wiegand S, Pieper R, Fromm A, Fromm M, Günzel D, Schulzke JD (2020) Zinc prevents intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction induced by alpha-hemolysin-producing Escherichia coli 536 infection in porcine colon. Vet. Microbiol. 243: 108632 (6 pages) (°IF 3.0) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplement] [Open link until May 08, 2020]



Research topics

Clinical Physiology

External collaborations
(*PhD) (°MD) (GRK)
  Staff Doctoral students  (*PhD) (°MD) (GRK)
Tight junctions and their proteins
- Claudin family
- TAMP family
- Angulin family

DFG Research Training Group 
"TJ-Train" GRK 2318

(Progenitor: DFG Research Unit 721)

  Jörg Schulzke,
Michael Fromm,
Dorothee Günzel,
Susanne Krug,
Luca Meoli,
Jörg Piontek,
Rita Rosenthal
  Surgery: Nina Hering
Physiology, Univ. Kiel: Susanne Milatz
Vet. Physiology FU Berlin:
Salah Amasheh
Neurosurgery: Kinga Blecharz-Lang
Molecular structure
- Molec. structure of single claudins
- Molec. arrangement of heteromers
- Molec. structure of tricellulin
  Jörg Piontek,
Dorothee Günzel,
Susanne Krug
Miriam Eichner*,
Caroline Hempel*,
Laura-Sophie Beier* (A2)
FMP Berlin-Buch: Gerd Krause
Physiology, Univ. Kiel:
Susanne Milatz

Functional properties
- Barriers and ion channels
- Water channels
- Tricellular tight junction

  Michael Fromm,
Dorothee Günzel,
Susanne Krug,
Rita Rosenthal
Carlos Ayala-Torres* (A3)
Dian Theune°
Diseases and pathologies
- Inflammatory bowel diseases
- Cytokines & interleukins

- Epithelial cancers

DFG Transregio-SFB TRR 241

  Jörg Schulzke,
Roland Bücker,
Susanne Krug
Jia-Chen Hu* (C2)
Karem Awad°
Alice Itzlinger°
Tatjana Zejc
Franziska Weiß* (B06)
Gastroenterology: Michael Schumann, Christian Bojarski, Hans-Jörg Epple, Hanno Troeger, Deborah Delbue da Silva* (C3), Carolin Grünhagen* (C4), Hannah Lutz° (C4)
Independent doctor: Christian Barmeyer
MDC: Izabela Kowalczyk* (B1)
Pathogens and TJ

BMBF Consortium "PAC-CAMPY"

  Jörg Schulzke,
Roland Bücker,
Dorothee Günzel
Eduard Butkevych°
Fábia Lobo de Sá* (IP8)
Praveen Nattramilarasu* (C1)
Luisa Reetz°
Gastroenterology: Hans-Jörg Epple, Hanno Troeger
Surgery: Nina Hering
- Diets and nutrients
- Celiac disease
  Jörg Schulzke,
Rita Rosenthal,
Roland Bücker
  Gastroenterology: Michael Schumann
Independent researcher: Silke Zakrzewski

Pathol.+Gastroent.: Danielle Cardoso da Silva* (B2)
- Claudins of the kidney
- FHHNC,  - Ca2+,  - Mg2+
  Dorothee Günzel,
Susanne Krug,

Luca Meoli
  Pediatric Nephrology: Dominik Müller, Tilman Breiderhoff, Murat Seker* (B3)
: Janna Leiz* (B4), Alexander Holler° (B4)
Anatomy: Kerim Mutig
Physiology, Univ. Kiel:
Susanne Milatz

- Macromolecule permeation
- Drug absorption enhancers
  Susanne Krug,
Michael Fromm,
Rita Rosenthal
Carolina Czichos° Anatomy, Univ. Jena: Jan Richter
Topics except TJ
- Epithelial Na+ channel (ENaC)
- Physiology of the eye
  Jörg Schulzke,
Michael Fromm
Rita Rosenthal
  Independent doctor: Christian Barmeyer
- Impedance spectroscopy

- Electron microscopy
  Dorothee Günzel,
Susanne Krug,
Jörg Piontek
In-Fah Lee
Roman Mannweiler* (A1) Anatomy: Sebastian Bachmann
FMP: Hannes Gonschior*

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The institute was founded in 1969 and chaired until 1995 by Klaus Hierholzer ( 2007), followed by Michael Wiederholt. (1995-2002) and Michael Fromm (2002-2014, now appointed as Charité senior professor). Retired professors are Ulrich Hegel and Hans Ebel. Present head is Jörg D.Schulzke.


The main building of the Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)
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Address:    Institute of Clinical Physiology / Div. Nutritional Medicine
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Professor Dr. med. Jörg D. Schulzke
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