Klinische Physiologie / Ernährungsmedizin


DFG Transregio-SFB TRR 241
"Immune-Epithelial-Communication in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases"

Coordinators: Christoph Becker (Erlangen) and Britta Siegmund (Berlin)

Project B06 (Priv.-Doz. Dr. Susanne M. Krug & Prof. Dr. Jörg-Dieter Schulzke)

"Interplay of the impaired tight junction and the subjacent immune cells in IBD"

Impairment of the tight junction (TJ) is linked to enhanced luminal antigen uptake supporting inflammatory processes in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

We hypothesize that especially the tricellular tight junction (tTJ) is crucially involved in this and in immune cell activation. Thus, we will analyze effects and interactions between the (t)TJ and the immune cells beyond during development of intestinal inflammation.

Elucidation of regulatory pathways beyond will identify possible targets of intervention, which then will be used for strategies stabilizing the (t)TJ barrier preventing antigen entry and perpetuation of inflammation in order to protect against development of IBD.

Doctoral student:  Franziska Weiß