Medizinische Klinik für Gastroenterologie, Infektiologie und Rheumatologie (einschl. Arbeitsbereich Ernährungsmedizin) CBF
Institute of Clinical Physiology / Div. of Nutritional Medicine


Priv.-Doz.* Dr. rer. nat.
Roland Bücker

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 +49 30 450-514546
 +49 30 450-514962
*Priv.-Doz. = Assistant professor (US), Lecturer (UK)
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2017 - 2020 Bücker, Schulzke

Project IP8 "Strengthening the intestinal barrier in Campylobacter infection" and Project Z4 "In vitro assays", inBMBF Consortium "Preventing and combating Campylobacter infections: On track towards a One Health approach (PAC-CAMPY)“, Coordinator Thomas Alter, VetMed FU Berlin


  • 2009  Award of the Japanese Society for Campylobacter Research


1996 - 1997 
and 1998 - 2003
Study of Biology, University Bochum, Germany
2003 Diploma, „Der Einfluss verschiedener Pepsinisoenzyme auf das Überleben von Helicobacter pylori im Magenlumen in vivo“
2003 - 2007 Postgraduate, Institute of Physiology, University Bochum, Germany
2007 PhD thesis (Dr. rer. nat.), „Die akute Kolonisation des Magenmucus durch Helicobacter pylori in vivo – der erste Schritt der Infektion“
2007 Research associate, Dept. Gastroenterology & Inst. Clinical Physiology, Charité Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin; DFG KFO104
since 2008 Research associate, Div. Nutritinal Medicine, Dept. Gastroenterology, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Charité Berlin
2010 - 2014 Coordinating Officer for Teaching of the Div. Nutritional Medicine
13.07.2015 Habilitation for "Privatdozent" (US eqivalent "associate professor"), Experimental biomedicine
 since 2016 Member of the Charité doctoral committee