Dr. rer. nat.
Lena J. John

Diploma Biologist
e-mail  lenajohn{α}web.de
Research topics
  • Tight junction proteins in inflammatory bowel diseases




10.2002 - 09.2008

Study of Biology, University Ulm


Diploma Thesis "Nest specificity of the trail pheromone of Trigona corvina workers (Apidae, Meliponini) and its genetic context" Biology, University Ulm, supervision Dr. Stefan Jarau (Institute of Experimental Ecology of animals)

02.2009 - 12.2009

Scientific assistant, Research group Evolutionary Genetics, Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife research, Berlin

11.2009 - 01.2010

Author of E-learning classes in Biology for Medical students, joint project of Cornelsen Verlag and CharitÚ, Berlin


Postgraduate, Dept. of General Medicine / Dept. Gastroenterology, CharitÚ, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin;
DFG Research Unit 721 (FOR 721/1, -/2), project 2

2013 Postgraduate, Dept. Gastroenterology Div. Nutritional Medicine, scholarship
12.09.2014 Dr. rer. nat., Doctoral Thesis: "Mechanisms of transcytosis of  macromolecules in M. Crohn: studies in the cell model T84 and in human colon biopsies", Magna cum laude, Freie Universitńt Berlin, supervision J.D. Schulzke