University Kiel,
Institute of Physiology,
Physiology of Membrane Tansport

Dr. rer. nat.
Susanne Milatz

+49 431 880-3296
Research topics
  • Cellular regulation of tight junction barrier function by transcellular transport mechanisms

  • Characterization of a tight junction protein with as yet unclear function, claudin-3

  • Regulation of endothelial tight junction proteins

  • Functional characterization of distinct tight junction proteins



10.1998 - 02.2005  

Study of Biology, Humboldt University, Berlin

04.2004 - 02.2005  

Diploma thesis "In vitro evaluation of nucleosid analogs for feplication blockade of complex hepatitis-B virus variants", Biology, Humboldt University, Berlin

08.2005 - 12.2009

Postgraduate (at last by GU 447/11-1), Institute of Clinical Physiology, Charité, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin

07.05.2010 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD), "Functional characterization of the tight junction protein claudin-3 in epithelial and endothelial cells", Biology, Humboldt University, Berlin
01.2010 - 12.2012 Postdoc, German Research Foundation (DFG), Research Unit 721 "Tight Junction" (FOR 721), Project 7
2013 - May 2014 Research associate, Institute of Clinical Physiology, grant
since June 2014 Institute of Physiology, University Kiel