Medizinische Klinik für Gastroenterologie, Infektiologie und Rheumatologie (einschl. Arbeitsbereich Ernährungsmedizin) CBF
Clinical Physiology / Nutritional Medicine

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Hints and requirements for applying at the DFG
for Charité applicants

Michael Fromm

First, let me introduce myself: I am a Charité Seniorprofessor with Clinical Physiology / Nutritional MEdicine (personal web site) and, in a honorary capacity, I am acting since 2008 as a "DFG-Vertrauensdozent", officially termed "Representative of the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the Charité".

The DFG requires, that the DFG representative will be informed about grant applications. 

For this, please send per e-mail ( the following data:
- Type of grant proposal (mostly "Reseach grant" = "Sachbeihilfe")
- Applicant's names(s)
- Topic of proposal
- Application period
- Summary

A few hints:
- Please read the respective DFG pages before you start writing the proposal.
  - "Information for applicants", a well-structured guide: DFG page
  - All funding programmes: DFG page
  - Flyer on ELAN elcectronic proposal: PDF download
  - Only in German: "My first proposal": DFG page

- Always use an actual version of forms and guidelines!
  - Forms and Guidelines (Main Listing): DFG page
  - There is a guideline for project proposals -- see 54.01 and the specific form 53.01.

- NOTE: Rules for the list of own publications (since 2014, press release, in German)
  There are two lists of publications:
  1. Project-related list of publications as part of the project description file:
      - Here only publications with direct relation to the project
      - New:  Up to 10 publications.
        This number is now independent of the number of applicants and the duration of the project.
  2. List of publications as part of the CV file:
      - Here the "best" 10 publications, i.e. not necessarily related to the project.
      - New:  Up to 10 publications of each applicant.

- Note: It is considered as scientific misconduct, if a DFG grant application contains an already completed study.
Verbatim: "Bei einer Antragstellung müssten sicherlich auch überzeugende Vorarbeiten geleistet worden sein. Ein fertiges Manuskript mit den entsprechenden Arbeitsergebnissen dürfe aber noch nicht vorliegen." See German DFG press release

I will try to help if there remain any questions or problems.
On your demand, I can have a look at the formal aspects of your proposal, but please: not before it is complete.
All information I receive is kept confidential.

May I wish you every success with your proposal.

Prof. Dr. Michael Fromm, seniorprofessor
Representative of the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the Charité
Clinical Physiology / Nutritional Medicine
Charité - Univeristätsmedizin Berlin
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Hindenburgdamm 30, 12203 Berlin