Priv.-Doz.* Dr. rer. nat.
Roland Bücker

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 +49 30 450-514546
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*Priv.-Doz. = Assistant professor (US), Lecturer (UK)
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2017 - 2020
2020 - 2022
Bücker, Schulzke

Project IP8 "Strengthening the intestinal barrier in Campylobacter infection" and Project Z4 "In vitro assays", inBMBF Consortium "Preventing and combating Campylobacter infections: On track towards a One Health approach (PAC-CAMPY)“, Coordinator Thomas Alter, VetMed FU Berlin


et al.

DFG major instrumentation (Großgerät, 700 T€) STED superresolution confocal microscope, consortium project: Schulzke JD, Bücker R


  • 2009  Award of the Japanese Society for Campylobacter Research


1996 - 1997 
and 1998 - 2003
Study of Biology, University Bochum, Germany
2003 Diploma, „Der Einfluss verschiedener Pepsinisoenzyme auf das Überleben von Helicobacter pylori im Magenlumen in vivo“
2003 - 2007 Postgraduate, Institute of Physiology, University Bochum, Germany
2007 PhD thesis (Dr. rer. nat.), „Die akute Kolonisation des Magenmucus durch Helicobacter pylori in vivo – der erste Schritt der Infektion“
2007 Research associate, Dept. Gastroenterology & Inst. Clinical Physiology, Charité Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin; DFG KFO104
since 2008 Research associate, Div. Nutritinal Medicine, Dept. Gastroenterology, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Charité Berlin
2010 - 2014 Coordinating Officer for Teaching of the Div. Nutritional Medicine
13.07.2015 Habilitation for "Privatdozent" (US eqivalent "associate professor"), Experimental biomedicine
since 2016 Member of the Charité doctoral committee
2020 Guest Editor Toxins