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  • Breiderhoff T*, Himmerkus N*  (*shared first authorship), Meoli L, Fromm A, Sewerin S, Kriuchkova N, Nagel O, Ladilov Y, Krug SM, Quintanova C, Stumpp M, Garbe-Schönberg  D, Westernströer U, Merkel C, Brinkhus MA, Altmüller J, Schweiger MR, Müller D, Mutig K, Morawski M, Halbritter J, Milatz S, Bleich M*, Günzel D* (*shared last authorship) (2022) Claudin-10a deficiency shifts proximal tubular Cl- permeability to cation selectivity via claudin-2 redistribution. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 33(4): 699-717, doi: 10.1681/ASN.2021030286  (IF 13.6)


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  • Meoli L, Günzel D (2020) Channel functions of claudins in the organization of biological systems. BBA - Biomembranes 1862(9): 183344 (18 pages) (IF 3.7) [Part of Special Volume "The vertebrate epithelial apical junctional complex", Hervé JC ed.] [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF] [Supplementary Fig. S1]


  • Meoli L, Ben-Zvi D, Panciotti C, Kvas S, Pizarro P, Munoz R, Stylopoulos N (2019) Intestine-specific overexpression of LDLR enhances cholesterol excretion and induces metabolic changes in male mice. Endocrinology 160(4): 744-758 (IF 3.9) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]


  • Meoli L, Gupta NK, Saeidi N, Panciotti CA, Biddinger SB, Corey KE, Stylopoulos N (2018) Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and gastric bypass surgery regulate serum and hepatic levels of pyruvate kinase isoenzyme M2. Am. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab. 315(4): E613-E621 (IF 4.1) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]

  • Ben-Zvi D, Meoli L, Abidi WM, Nestoridi E, Panciotti C, Castillo E, Pizarro P, Shirley E, Gourash WF, Thompson CC, Munoz R, Clish CB, Anafi RC, Courcoulas AP, Stylopoulos N (2018) Time-dependent molecular responses differ between gastric bypass and dieting but are conserved across species. Cell Metab. 28(2): 310-323 (IF 22.4) [PubMed] [WebPage] [PDF]